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November 2011 Festivals

October 31, 2011

November is a very quiet month for festivals. California expects cooler weathers, rain, snow in the mountains, and sunshine in some areas. Days are shorter and nights are longer resulting in less festivals. This month is also the beginning of many major holidays. Enjoy the end of the year with some of the few last food and cultural festivals of 2011:


A Pumpkin Celebration

October 20, 2011

Highlights: warm weather, big open venue, variety of activities for children, free parking and shuttle service.

Besides the warm summery weather, all the signs of fall were present at the Calabasas pumpkin festival.  Many pumpkin themed activities entertained all ages: pumpkin painting, bounce houses, carnival games, reptile shows, contests, large playground area, car show, and live bands.  Food options were typically fair or farmers market vendors (bbq, kettle corn, deep-fried, etc.) making it feel more like a fall harvest festival.  The pumpkin food options were pumpkin baked goods and beer, but future pumpkin festivals should include more pumpkin-inspired dishes.  Overall, it was a well-planned festival perfect for welcoming the fall season.

Calabasas Pumpkin Festival ($5 admission)

carved by a professional pumpkin carver

pumpkin pie was delicious! whip cream, not so great

pumpkin painting

some of the reptiles on display

Lithuanian Fair

October 4, 2011

Read more…

Taste of the Pacific Islands

September 30, 2011

PIFA San Diego Read more…

October 2011 Festivals

September 27, 2011

October in California brings in cool weather, longer nights, and no official holidays.  Fall has officially begun and is associated with many harvest festivals=pumpkins, corn mazes, Oktoberfest, Halloween and many more.  Check out the many food and cultural festivals below. Read more…

Best of Summer 2011 Festivals

September 23, 2011

Summertime is officially over!  One of my goals every summer would be to travel out of the state, to get hands on, face-to-face experience of the food, history, and the people of different states or countires.  Unfortunately, this past summer I did not have the chance to, but adjusted to what is available nearby.   Festivals offer foods, music, dance, entertainment, and products that represent a country and its culture.  This past summer, I learned about cultures within the U.S. such as the  Native Americans of California through the PowWow, Louisiana culture, to many cultures outside this country like Armenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, and many more.  Of course, it can’t compare to what can be experienced at the country or state, but through these festivals, we can still experience the culture without having to sit through a long flight, adjusting time zones, and spending thousands of dollars. Read more…

Brazil Independence Day in LA

September 12, 2011

Bright yellow and green clothing are proudly worn in Hancock Park celebrating Brazil’s Independence from Portugal.  Read more…

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