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March 2012 Festivals

March 12, 2012

Spring season officially begins on the 20th.  Little by little, we can start to see more outdoor festivals as the temperatures increases.  This month brings in many Irish celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, a few Iranian New Year celebrations (Nowruz), many blossom festivals, and the month ending with Cesar Chavez holiday.  Check out these many food and cultural celebrations in March:

31 Los Angeles: Tomatomania
31 Los Angeles: Bangladesh Day Festival
31 Flintridge: Tomatomania
31 Highland: Citrus
31 Pleasanton: Gourmet Food Truck Fest
31 Santa Anita: Food Truck Festival

14-18 Solvang: Taste of Solvang
17 Calabasas:ST Patrick’s Day Celebration
17 Dublin: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
17 Los Angeles: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
17 Norwalk: Gourmet Food Truck  Resecheduled
17: Sacramento: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
17-18 San Bernadino: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
 17 San Diego: St Partick’s Day Parade and Irish Festival

17 San Diego: Cherry Blossom
17-18 San Diego: Herb Festival
17 San Francisco: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
17 Ventura: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
18 Kelseyville: Olive
18 Los Angeles: Nowruz (Iranian New Year)
24-25 Descanso Gardens: Cherry Blossom 
24 17 Hermosa Beach: St. Patrick’s Day Parade 
 24 Long Beach: Native American 
  23-25 Petaluma: Artisan Cheese
24 17: Rowland Heights: Cherry BLossom (postponed to April 28thth)
24 Santa Anita: Japan Family Day 
24 Yountville: Taste of Yountville 
 25 Sierra Madre: Wistaria Festival  

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  1. Coby permalink
    March 12, 2012 3:39 pm

    Glad your posting again

    • March 12, 2012 4:17 pm

      Thanks Coby! festival season is speeding up again


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