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Lithuanian Fair

October 4, 2011

Enter the Lithuanian Fair and immediately feel like you are in a different country. Lithuanian music and people speaking in the language are heard throughout the event.  Flags and colors of yellow, green, and red decorate the area.  It was a great family event with many delicious food options, a variety of great entertainment, beer, and basketball.  Before the festival, I knew nothing about Lithuania’s culture, but now have a better understanding through the fair experience.

such a great a capella group

folk dances

wearing beautiful vibrant colors of blue, red, and green

Food vendors only understood the prices, so I ordered whatever was $10 I believe it was rolled pork (so tender you don’t need a knife) stuffed with bacon, a pickle, and onions all served with a side of beets, potatoes and bread. Far back left  is a Neapolitan pastry.   The plate was so good that it felt like the holidays.  Most common food dishes I saw throughout the fair were potatoes, sausages, rye bread, beets, and torte pastries.

almost everyone was walking around with ice-cream, so I had to try one.

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