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Taste of the Pacific Islands

September 30, 2011

PIFA San Diego

People from all over the state and sometimes across the country attend PIFA sharing their cultures from the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.   I was born and raised in Guam (Micronesia) and would love visit the island once a year, but it can cost about $1200-$2000 for a round trip ticket.  The next best thing would be to attend festivals.  I spent about $20 for food, about $50 for merchandise, and nothing for admission or parking.  As a result of getting there early, we got found parking and the food lines were short.  Besides the cool weather, this festival replicates things that can be tasted, seen, and heard in the islands.

not an islander festival without the beach background

Traditional Chamorro food: red rice, empanada on top, bbq, chicken kelaguin,  finadene (soy sauce), and cucumber

A commonality with many cultural festivals: fried dough.

I had malasadas (Hawaiian) but my favorite is pictured above,  Boñelos Åga-banana donuts (Chamorro)

Samoan fire dance

Cultural Villages displayed to learn about certain islands

More pictures on the facebook page or the PIFA website for more beautiful pictures

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