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Best of Summer 2011 Festivals

September 23, 2011

Summertime is officially over!  One of my goals every summer would be to travel out of the state, to get hands on, face-to-face experience of the food, history, and the people of different states or countires.  Unfortunately, this past summer I did not have the chance to, but adjusted to what is available nearby.   Festivals offer foods, music, dance, entertainment, and products that represent a country and its culture.  This past summer, I learned about cultures within the U.S. such as the  Native Americans of California through the PowWow, Louisiana culture, to many cultures outside this country like Armenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, and many more.  Of course, it can’t compare to what can be experienced at the country or state, but through these festivals, we can still experience the culture without having to sit through a long flight, adjusting time zones, and spending thousands of dollars.

Below are some of my favorite experiences during these summer festivals.  What were yours?

 colorful clothing and dances at the PowWow (free entrance)

  Fresh Crawfish and live music at the Crawfish Festival  ($25 meal and entrance fee)

Food Demonstrations at the Armenian Food Fair and Festival ($2 entrance)

Playing bingo with older women at the Japanese Obon Festival (free entrance)

Spicy foods at Sri Lanka Day (free entrance)

Loukoumades at the International Street Fair and the convenience of many cultures in one festival (free entrance)

Parade and lively entertainment at Brazilian Day (free entrance)

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