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Gone bananas

August 18, 2011

As many fruit and vegetable festivals in California are mainly about the harvesting, the 2nd Annual Banana Festival in Sacramento is about celebrating and uniting many cultures who use banana in their cooking.  Proceeds go to non-profit organizations around the local community.  Throughout the event, bright yellow colors and all things banana are seen, tasted and smelled.

The public can participate in banana themed activities and competitions such as the fashion show, ice cream contests, and more.  Some of the banana-inspired foods included: pudding, bread, burgers, deep-fried, and more.  My favorite was the molecular cooking demo by chef Tyler Stone who served free samples of frozen banana mousse lollipop.  The whipped mousse is dunked in liquid nitrogen instantly freezing it creating a hard shell. While enjoying the diverse foods, people can watch the many cultural performances such as Filipino, Brazilian, and African dances, other performances, or enjoying the kids corner.  Overall the festival was a small event with great potential for growth.

banana mousse lollipop flash frozen in nitrogen oxide

Filipino cultural dances

great event for the whole family

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