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July food festivals you should know about: Garlic, Crawfish, Pear

July 7, 2011

  1. Garlic.  This year marks the 33rd annual garlic festival in Gilroy (nicknamed, the garlic capital of the world).  Just driving by the 101, you can get a whiff of the pungent smell; I can’t imagine the aroma on the freeway during the festival.  From July 29-31, it will be all about the garlicky foods in the Gourmet Alley garlic contests, imagine tasting garlic ice cream.
  2. Crawfish. Last year was the first time I attended this event in Long Beach and first time trying crawfish.  I have tried crawfish at restaurants post festival, and the freshness of the crawfish does not compare to those in the festival.  The crawfish is flown in each day of the event. Yes, food lines were long,  and peeling the crawfish is a job itself, but it is  all worth the wait; we have to chew our food ate least 10 times anyways.  It is held on the last weekend of July and admission costs begin at $13.
  3. Pear. For 38 years, the “Bartlett Pear Capital of the World” celebrates their harvest in the city of Courtland, near the Sacramento Delta.  Support our local farms and enjoy a variety of foods with all things pear: pie, smoothies, beer, and more.   Good news, is that admission is free.

Click here for more fesitvals in July.

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