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May 2012 Festivals

May 3, 2012

Every May weekend is a big celebration.  May is a diverse, festive month celebrating the Hispanic culture, moms, strawberries, and BBQs for Memorial Day.  These warmer California weather signals the end of spring and the start of summer.  Check out the MANY great food and cultural festivals throughout California:

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Last Aprill 2012 weekend

April 23, 2012

Celebrate the last weekend of April with culture and food at these many great festivals across California:

27-29 Santa Maria: Strawberry
27-29 Stockton: Asparagus
27-29  Upland: Lemon
28-29 Camino: Apple Blossoms
28-29 Cuppertino: Cherry Blossom
28 Downey: Street Fair
28-29 Encinitas: Street Fair
28-29 Irwindale: Renaissance
28 Pasadena: Grilled Cheese Invitational
28 Petaluma: Butter and Egg Days
28 Pleasanton: Gourmet Food Truck
28 Porterville: Iris
28 Vacaville: Cowtown and Western
28-29 Visalia: Renaissance
28-29 Woodland:  Scottish
29 Los Angeles: Fiesta Broadway
29 Los Angeles: Israel Independence
29 Monrovia: Cinco de Mayo Festival
29 Sacramento: Jewish
29 Sacramento: Fiesta De La Familia
29 Santa Barbara: Jewish
29 Santa Clarita: Jewish Food and Culture
29 San Jose: Japanese

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March 2012 Festivals

March 12, 2012

Spring season officially begins on the 20th.  Little by little, we can start to see more outdoor festivals as the temperatures increases.  This month brings in many Irish celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, a few Iranian New Year celebrations (Nowruz), many blossom festivals, and the month ending with Cesar Chavez holiday.  Check out these many food and cultural celebrations in March:

31 Los Angeles: Tomatomania
31 Los Angeles: Bangladesh Day Festival
31 Flintridge: Tomatomania
31 Highland: Citrus
31 Pleasanton: Gourmet Food Truck Fest
31 Santa Anita: Food Truck Festival

14-18 Solvang: Taste of Solvang
17 Calabasas:ST Patrick’s Day Celebration
17 Dublin: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
17 Los Angeles: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
17 Norwalk: Gourmet Food Truck  Resecheduled
17: Sacramento: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
17-18 San Bernadino: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
 17 San Diego: St Partick’s Day Parade and Irish Festival

17 San Diego: Cherry Blossom
17-18 San Diego: Herb Festival
17 San Francisco: St. Patrick’s Day Festival
17 Ventura: St. Patrick’s Day Parade
18 Kelseyville: Olive
18 Los Angeles: Nowruz (Iranian New Year)
24-25 Descanso Gardens: Cherry Blossom 
24 17 Hermosa Beach: St. Patrick’s Day Parade 
 24 Long Beach: Native American 
  23-25 Petaluma: Artisan Cheese
24 17: Rowland Heights: Cherry BLossom (postponed to April 28thth)
24 Santa Anita: Japan Family Day 
24 Yountville: Taste of Yountville 
 25 Sierra Madre: Wistaria Festival  

February 2012 Festivals

February 3, 2012

February is the shortest month filled with many great celebrations.  This month kicks off with superbowl weekend, a month to celebrate our presidents, many cultures (Chinese, Vietnamese, African Americans), and the month of love.  Check out these many great food and cultural festivals throughout California:

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January 2012 Festivals

January 10, 2012

Happy 2012 festival supporters!  Although we have not had much rain or snow, it is officially winter season.  January brings in the New Year, crab season, Martin Luther King, year of the dragon Lunar New Year celebrations, and many more. Check out this month’s many great food and cultural festivals across the state and thank you all for your continued support!!

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December 2011 Festivals

December 2, 2011

The final month of 2011, Fall ends and the 22nd officially brings in the winter season.  We are starting to see festive light displays, bright decorations, and snow in some parts of California.  Gingerbread, eggnog, cranberry, peppermint, and hot cider are the many flavors available during this time of year.  Many cultures across the state celebrate the Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Christmas.  There are many diverse ways to celebrate the holidays: the traditional Christmas celebration, German, Victorian, Fiestas, etc.  all bringing in many holiday fairs,  festivals, and parades.  Celebrate this season by checking out cultural and food festivals throughout California:

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Day of the Dead

November 17, 2011

Early Sunday morning weather started off rainy and cold, but thankfully the sun was fully out by the time Dia de Los Muertos had begun.  Three words to describe the event: decorated skulls, face painting, and family unity.  This was my first Dia de los Muertos festival experience filled with cultural dance performances, face painting, chalk art, and delicious Mexican food.

This is a huge event in Mexico and is celebrated differently throughout the United States and the world.  Dia de los Muertos is celebrated every late October to early November remembering deceased family and friends.  It was a great event to experience and observe how cultures not only celebrate life, but also celebrate death without fearing it.  For more information about the history and meanings of Dia de Los Muertos, go to

families build altars surrounded with marigolds, their favorite things, pictures, and candles

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